Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ha ha in case anybody was wondering why certain people in the government don't want to do anything about climate change:

And I know, I know, weather is not climate, but still...horrible disasters are happening all over the world thanks to climate change, and so few make the connection. It is a fascinating question why some few can see clearly through the monstrous destruction of unfettered growth, in all its economic and environmental impacts, and most others cling to the fairy tale notion that there is nothing so wrong that technology and innovation can't save us.

The surging water flipped trucks, cars and buses over like matchsticks, crushing them into piles of debris.


  1. All of us should be spanked for letting corporations pollute our world.

    I've started to notice the blight on the plants and trees two years ago and it scares me to no end. I thought I was imagining what I saw and that the trees and plants always had a listless look and I just didn't notice in years past. I told myself that the vibrant, lush look of the ecosystem was never a reality and what I saw these days was how things always looked. I tried to tell myself that the greenery around me had always had browning. I can't continue to tell myself such a bold faced lie. I see the blight!!! But who else sees it? Certainly not enough of us.

  2. Hi Dion,

    I can't for the life of my understand how people can ignore something so clearly abnormal. Leaves aren't supposed to be turning brown and falling on the ground in September! They're supposed to be shiny green until they turn fall colors when it gets cold, and then fall off, and then turn brown.

    Spanking is not nearly enough. At this point I'm thinking, at the least, charges of criminal negligence against officials at the Environmental Prostitution Agency, which is being funded by US citizens to protect us from industrial pollution.

    Can I steal the video from your blog? I can relate to the butterfly.

  3. I no longer see the lovely landscapes of Mother Nature first. Lately, my eyes seem immediately drawn to the blight before I can focus on the remaining beauty. Balance and harmony with nature is lost. At least that's what my inner voice tell me.

    Please, by all means, *steal* the video. Such a powerful message needs to find as many receptive minds as possible. Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is the creator of the video. I just Googled his name and noticed he has the shortest web address I've ever seen.

  4. Hi Dion -

    Some time ago I wrote on this blog that I was so thrilled to have discovered the macro setting on my camera. I can zoom in on some lovely image and ignore the ravaged setting around it. I try to live life that way now too - I concentrate on the immediate pleasures that give it meaning and joy. The rest of the time, I just wonder how people can be so stupid and, quite literally, self-destructive.


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