Monday, September 3, 2012

In Honor of Labor Day

Everyone has already seen the surreptitious video of Mitt Romney speaking to fellow millionaires at a fundraiser, salivating over Chinese wage slaves...right?  But have you seen this?


  1. dear Gail

    watched the video: make more money to buy more shit, have more free time to make more children. more cars, more food, more trips in more airplanes. more, more, more. such a vicious circle. how far do we still have to go? water, food and AIR are getting scarce much faster than most humans realize (as is capacity to replenish those resources)
    i have long been fascinated by the fact that many roman emperors starved their wives to death when they wanted to get rid of them. in this manner, they could say they did not actually killed them.

  2. Michele, the NYTimes has an article that perfectly illustrates the hopeless trajectory upon which humanity long ago embarked, and continues exponentially, and "epic frenzy" of poaching:


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