Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon

I have two days off!  I took the ferry, which is just across the harbor from my dad's hospital in Hyannis, to Martha's Vineyard yesterday, where I am staying in a quintessentially New England charming rustic barn with friends.   
Last night, we went to a jolly Blue Moon party at the lighthouse.
 The railing around the top is very rusty.  I didn't trust it.
The wind was blowing hard the whole evening, but it was warm.
 First we watched the sun go down.
 Then we watched the moon come up.
I found a snail embedded in a milkweed pod.
Are the trees dying from ozone on this island, just like everywhere else?  Of course, why should it be any different here?
This is what the older leaves in this milkweed patch look like...but more on that later.  I have an ocean to visit today.


  1. Hey gail, came across this website with some pictures of a remote town here in BC. A lot of the pictures date back from the 30s or 60s. I found it strange that it seems like a lot of trees were dying there, even in the 60s? The bottom pictures show this especially.

    Tell me what you think

  2. It's hard to tell from old pictures. Mostly what I see is a lot of logging, and when a few trees are left standing after that, they may look thin because they were originally in a grove.

    And there have certainly been outbreaks of beetles throughout time, really large ones, to some extent that could be natural, just like fires - and also there have been almost complete dieoffs of species such as the American chestnut and elm from invasive species.

    This book has a lot of really great information going back to the early days of transocean exploration:

  3. hi Gail,
    I am in the midst of reading all the comments, but I constantly stop to cry
    love toujours


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