Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shame, Shame on the New York Times

This country is a cesspool.  Is it any wonder that Herman Vain Cain was so delusional as to think he could get away with being a blatant philanderer while proclaiming "family values"...when the pusillanimous New York Times is such a sycophantic fraud in thrall of SPORTS (that clever distraction perfected in Roman times, except they didn't have the teevee) - to keep stupid people distracted from the thieving machinations of the elite, that they actually published an interview allowing that loathsome pedophiliac monster Sandusky an opportunity to whine about how much he will miss his dog if he goes to jail?

But what can you expect in a country gone mad?
photo credit
The only good thing is the almost universal revulsion in the comments.


  1. Wow, that's pathetic. Just when I thought my contempt for the NYT couldn't run any deeper, they managed to lower the bar.

  2. Not knowing much about the background, it seemed to me that the journalist was giving Sandusky lots and lots of rope, and (but for his lawyer), he might well have hanged himself and spared everyone the cost of a trial. Perhaps the journalist isn't up to much, either.

    Do like the graphic, though!


  3. f sandusky but what is the problem with sports?


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