Friday, December 9, 2011


Super Shorts 2011: eXtinction by SRmanitou


  1. That's a powerful message in that video. I notice it stops short of mentioning the likelihood of human species extinction.

    It repeats the common statistic that the human population will grow to 9 billion. I think that extrapolation is incompatible with what we now know about the severity and rate of climate change.

  2. True, Wonhyo, it's not explicit about human extinction but I think the implication is there. How could it not be?

    I seriously doubt we will continue expanding the human population for much longer, as well.

    But either way, it conveys the anguish we are all feeling at watching our beautiful Earth die, helpless to avert a loss that will take millions of years to replenish, if ever.


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