Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greenpeace sends a message aloft to the Koch Brothers

That was yesterday - I'm working on uploading pictures from the demonstration today.  Everything went smoothly, with a very well organized street closure and breach into the private confines of the billionaire's cabal, with some peaceful arrests (not me though!)  Arrest the Kochs not the people!! was gleefully bellowed by a substantial and enthusiastic crowd, with groups including Common Cause, Code Pink, Ruckus, and of course the Climate Zombies.  Well okay.  We're not a group, only two.  But we had virtual companions.

Rumor had it that the Koch's had hoped for a significant counter demonstration of tea partiers, but when they figured out nobody cared enough to turn out, they released a "secret" memo that it wouldn't be safe to go after all, because the "crazy liberals were going to get violent"!  So that way, they have an excuse for having no grass roots support, after all - only astroturf...

If anyone comes across media coverage please post links in the comments.

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