Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks for the Memory...and, Happy New Year!


  1. "We'll meet again" - is another one

  2. Happy New Year Gail,
    I came across this info on the negative effects of ozone due to ethanol blended in our gasoline and thought of you. Might be able to incorporate some of the graphs or info into your reference page.

    Even though I live in a midwestern corn-growing state & have friends & relatives who farm and grow corn, I do not think we should use ethanol in our gas. In addition to increasing ozone, it is energy negative to make it and it raises the price of food which hurts the less fortunate peoples of the world.

    Some in congress are pushing to raise the ethanol percentage to 15% which will aggravate all these issues.

    Your friend Sherlock

  3. Yikes Sherlock. That is nothing short of monumental.


  4. Hey, the trees may be dying, but it's not a complete loss. We now have an IBM computer that can beat any human at Jeopardy. Who says we don't have our priorities straight?!

    The magnificence of technology. Who needs trees when you have Jeopardy playing computers.


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