Thursday, December 16, 2010

Insidious Soup

One of the most amazing movies ever!  It's like watching an epic Hollywood suspense thriller, where you are literally on the edge of your The Silence of the Lambs, only it's about the murder of the earth - and we are all Hannibal Lecter.  It almost makes Gasland look like a romp down Sesame Street with Barney.  Peter Cox of the UK MET office is interviewed extensively in the later part of the film, so it's NOT a tin-foil hat conspiracy.  I am truly shocked I have never even heard of this movie before - although I have heard a little bit about the topic of Global Dimming...but like everything else, the impacts have been grotesquely underestimated.
BBC Global Dimming Documentary About... by KalymnosWeb


  1. I'd certainly never heard the term "global dimming" before today. Thank you Gail, for the connection.

    This underlines the immense complexity of our planetary climatic system. A complexity that we really don't fully understand, and probably never will.

    The concept of 'chemtrail' climatological meddling that might involve the intentional seeding of the atmosphere with aluminum particles dovetails all too well with the 'dimming' scenario and its ramifications.

    Meanwhile, I went out and purchased the 'Gasland' DVD. It is truly interesting how it keeps being 'disappeared' from the net while we can all watch Lady Gaga as much as we want to.

    'Gasland' was very discouraging for me, a resident of the Marcellus shale region. In spite of the grievous effects on the residents of the regions being fracked, it's quite likely that the overall fuel hunger of the general population and the money hunger of the corporate interests will eventually override any environmental or health concerns. The only difference between Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City is that all the contracts have not yet been signed, and all the lobbying money has not yet been distributed.

    Drill baby drill.

  2. Robo, that is my overall impression. We know so little about the effects that are so imponderably vast.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. We saw this a couple of years ago, thanks to Nancy Nolan, Lexington , MA's Global Warming Action Coalition. Good to watch it again!
    Thanks! I have remembered that basic concept of dimming while warming -- scarey!

  4. Thanks for this, Gail. I saw Cox on PBS a few years ago and knew about dimming, but this film puts all the pieces together.

    Hardcore doomer stuff!


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