Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beyond the Tipping Point - Part II of Planet Earth, We Have a Problem

Watch the series (I - VII) on YouTube, or read the PDF here.


  1. More Earth Fail Warnings (Because a lot of really talented people care, and have for as long for many lifetimes.)


    A guy told me the other day that there are still states in the west where ethanol is not added to the gas. I wonder if the effects of ozone that we see in Georgia and New Jersey are lessened in those states because of the lessened PANs. Maybe someone will look into that. Wouldn't that be a great project for a field botanist or plant pathologist?

    Downtown they complain, "Alcohol is for drinking not for burning!"

  2. I was going to post this in your water thread, but that's dated and it might get overlooked. In regards to water, there's always Fiji:


    Note Laurie David of An Inconvenient Truth fame rubs shoulders with these hypocritical clowns. Also, this video and presentation you have posted puts An Inconvenient Truth to shame and makes it look like Mr. Rogers.

  3. Thanks Morocco Bama - I heard this story on NPR about the inability of Fijians to obtain clean water http://www.npr.org/2010/12/01/131733493/A-Bottled-Water-Drama-In-Fiji and the line: "I always feel a little bit guilty when I buy it, I got to tell you." almost made me retch! Not that I don't have my own concessions to modern excess, but still...

    Your link is even more illuminating.

    Loved the Mr. Rogers comparison. Did you catch the picture, of the man standing with his back to the waterfall, looking upstream? That's almost everybody. Only a few of us are cursed or lucky enough, depending on how you view it, to catch the prospects downstream.

  4. Catman, there's this:


    But it's kind of dated.

    Chaos reigns, basically.

  5. Did you catch the picture, of the man standing with his back to the waterfall, looking upstream?

    I thought it was a superb metaphor. I believe it is more of a curse than lucky. You can see it all unfolding, it becomes clearer and clearer every day, but you're powerless to change the course of events.

    Many of the articles and blogs dealing with the decline of the American Empire have an undertone, or overtone, of lament about them, but it's not something we should lament. The American Empire is, in large part, why our heads are in the noose and we're trying to keep our balance standing on the cross. I'm not sure if you caught that over at Dave's blog, but I posted it because I consider it yet another superb metaphor.


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