Friday, December 3, 2010

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then...

My youngest sister, with whom I long ago ceased to have a speaking relationship (but that's another story), used to joke that I carried my own personal cloud of disaster around with me wherever I went, like Pigpen's dust - and that was back when the worst problems I had were a vindictive ex-husband and abusive boyfriend, when ecosystem collapse lurked as the dimmest of inklings...far from the omnipresent consciousness of impending tsunami it has become.

So why should it be a surprise that I was the randomly chosen witness to a dog attack?  Three dogs, for no reason, ripped another to shreds in a bloodbath right before my eyes yesterday afternoon, and I was helpless to intervene.  I will never forget the stomach-churning sounds of the growls and screams, or the fangs gnawing at the throat of the victim.

I'm suffering from severe PTSD today, and on top of which, I feel like it's kind of ridiculous.  Much much worse things happen to people around the world every minute of every day.  Like THIS.


  1. That was a legitimately traumatic event to witness, so the PTSD angle is no joke. You might want to get some counseling around that, for peace of mind later on...

  2. Hope you get this horrific event out of your head soon, Gail.

  3. What a thing to witness. Does it help, in any way, to remind yourself that it happened among animals? Even the most domesticated animal still has some wildness, and their wild motives are beyond us... Don't know, just trying to cheer you up.
    Do take good care of yourself,

  4. They have come up with an excellent cure for PTSD. It harkens back to the adage "an apple a day keeps what ails you away." Except, this apple doesn't brown when you slice it. Isn't technology grand? How's that for progress?

  5. Thanks everybody for your good wishes. The apple link made me laugh - you gotta love it! Just like Twinkies that never get moldy for years and years! Or this!


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