Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to the Nest

Here are some articles, of which there is lately an avalanche, about the tumult created by climate chaos. The first is about Greenland, and the potential for it to contribute to sea level rise:


And this connects rising seas with warming events, in the past:

These people feel that we must alter our approach to controlling carbon emissions, and soon:

The death of coral reefs will lead to the collapse of the ocean ecosystem, much as the death of trees will lead inexorably to the collapse of the woodland ecosystem. Coral reefs in the oceans, and trees on land, are the foundation, the structure, of all the diverse species of life that teams around them in a web of interconnectivity.



  1. Surrounded by the abundance of life, the chicks play their part.
    Summer fulfills the Spring, a promise to the heart.
    The trees know chaos. Their leaves mark the time.
    Birth and death ongoing without reason without rhyme.

  2. Why, Paul Kelly, that is quite whimsical. I didn't know you were a poet, in Chicago. It is a surprisingly lovely and resonant place, I was there, once, for too brief a time.

    Thank you for leaving that beautiful thought. It is going to be printed out, and tacked up with the permanent bulletin board collection in the kitchen.


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