Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pictures for Catman (see prior post comments)


  1. That's exactly what I'm seeing here in Atlanta and Northern Georgia, Gail. I have to be careful, because I've almost driven off the road several times viewing the carnage. The more that die, the less oxygen we have to breath. None of the climate models, or climate modelers, have taken any of this into account, I'm afraid, or they have marginalized it. We may run out of breathable air before the coasts flood and the temperatures roast us. So many possible ways to go. In this part of Atlanta, only four days out of thirty in June were below 90 degrees. That's a record, by far. And July is already no different. And, hardly any rain to speak of.....the vegetation is shrouded in death....taking on the hue and pallor of a person with congestive heart failure.

    Amidst this atrocity I'm supposed to be kind and decent to those who wish to continue to gas the environment and then burn it in the crematorium?

  2. hmm.. pretty bad indeed. Would be an interesting experiment at this point to go around and see if you could find any trees NOT exhibiting signs of damage. Are there any left?

  3. The upper foliage here in NE Georgia looks better than last year. This might be because their more rain and less pollution. But the trees are still in very rough shape with dead leafless branches sticking through the crown. A 75 year old white oak more than 1000 feet from the road looks as bad as mine right by the road. The bark is just flaking off all the way into the crown.

    A young white oak in my yard that's been there just about as long as I have is showing a weeping wound near the base. This tree is about twenty years old. It's bark is also splitting.

    If I see a healthy white oak here in my neighborhood, I'll sure let it be known.

    It's always been known that pollution kills trees. We've made our mistake by trying to isolate the exact kind of pollution that is weakening a particular kind of tree and allowing a particular opportunistic infection to kill that kind of tree. Too much science, but not enough common sense.

    That's a much too specific diagnosis for a very general problem. I'd like to add to the old
    'Rain grows forests, forests make rain' this: 'Pollution kills trees'.
    If the trees aren't doing well, there's too much pollution of all types. We must clean it up every way we know how. NOW!



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