Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire

This is a long movie, worth setting aside the time to watch, described as:
A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate
Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the
American Lifestyle.
There are interviews with Derrick Jensen, Richard Heinberg and others, discussing our culture's insane and self-destructive impulse to conquer nature.  It's free on Youtube (for now), but since the producers are selling it for $14 + S/H, if you watch it, you might consider sending a donation to:  VisionQuest Pix, 3 South Street, Eastport, ME 04631


  1. Gail, thanks for the link to this film. I've never seen another movie on this subject that delves quite so deep into the underlying human nature that has driven us to the place we are today.

  2. Robo, it's a bit tedious, and preaching to the choir. Having said that, it is unique, and brilliant. I begged them to make it available for free online, because I think people need to see it.

    I don't mind if I get sued for posting it, although I'd rather not go to jail!

  3. Gail, that was excellent. Thank you very much for sharing it. I will be sharing it with all those who care to choose.

  4. Juxtapose the video you have posted here with this disgusting piece of propaganda apparently aired during the Superbowl.


    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to do my very best impersonation of a Bulimic.

  5. Morocco Obama - he was being more honest when he proclaimed "Greed is Good."

    I'll embed this in a post later today, but you appreciate this antidote now:


  6. Good movie, two thumbs up.

    The scariest thing is the 2007 copyright date. We haven't done nearly enough in the past 4 years. But people are talking about climate change now, at least. Keep talking, please.

    We can't grow back the planet until we stop burning fossil fuels and reduce the ozone.


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