Sunday, December 12, 2010


If your don't want to buy the dvd of this incendiary film, at least consider a donation to support the work of the heroic guy who made it.

UPDATE:  Oh drat.  The original link doesn't work anymore either.  You will have to click on the dvd above and buy it, or I think, it's playing on HBO.  It's REALLY worth watching though.  Short plot:  Dick Cheney fixes things so Halliburton can drill with no EPA oversight as to the chemicals used in hydro-fracking, no recourse for citizens whose water is contaminated and health is ruined, or even worse, no tracking of emissions of hydrocarbons and other toxins.  In fact this is criminal fraud on such a massive scale it is utterly staggering.

Here is an interview with the filmmaker:

And here's a trailer:


  1. Many many thanks to Morocco Bama for linking to this series of clips from Gasland.

  2. Gerald Ford did it:

    Gave Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney powerful positions which enabled these mad men to remain in power during both Bush presidencies.
    Great picture of the three here:
    (not cropped if you drag it)

    Ford is quoted by Hunter S. Thompson as saying, "I know I will go to hell because I pardoned Richard Nixon." Ford was wrong.
    He's in hell because he brought Rumsfeld and Cheney into the White House.

    Hopefully Cheney will be joining Ford soon. Maybe he could be injected into a shale gas deposit. (But not around here, please!)

  3. Want to raise your ire? Check this video out.

    The lying, compromised, industry controlled scientist is dressed up like the affable Bill Nye The Science Guy.

    Gee, doesn't Rich sound just like Sherlock. It's as though they're scripted in their defense of the greedy polluters. Same tone, rhetoric and tactics. Scumbags.

  4. Ten years later, Thompson said he would cheerfully vote for Nixon (despite being one of the biggest Nixon-haters ever) if he were running against Bush/Cheney.

    (Needless to say, the Ford quote is a Thompson invention, though much of the Internet doesn't know that.)


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