Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Prank

I almost ran off the road when I drove by this joke!
Unfortunately, the condition of the old trees around this colonial home are no laughing matter.  They have lost branches, they have holes, and their bark is splitting, falling off, and streaked from their insides rotting and oozing sap.
But hey, it's Christmas and the whole family will be at Wit's End expecting some serious feasting, so the next few days I will be cooking like mad...I'm thinking, something rustic like a stuffed breast of veal, with cabbage and pancetta, fava beans and chicory - of course the requisite Buche de Noel for dessert, decorated with meringue mushrooms, filled with pastry cream and covered in dark chocolate ganache, and crepes with lemons and sugar for the morning, after opening gifts.  The links Highschooler sent and much more that is emerging about the disruption of the nitrogen cycle - and toxic ozone killing trees - will have to wait until after this holiday weekend.

Merrrrry Christmas to all!

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