Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Happy Easter

Props to the publishers of OverDevelopment/OverPopulation/OverShoot for making it available to read online for free.  This vast collection of stunning photographs from around the world constitutes mute testimony sufficient to persuade the most delusionally optimistic fool that humanity has overrun the earth in myriad ways - except of course the authors, who cling to the completely unsupported hope that a change in human consciousness might occur.  The book is presented as a "wake-up call" to save nature from the human flood, and us from ourselves.  However, if you look at the pictures without listening to the noise of the text, it is very plainly an indictment, and an epitaph.


  1. michele/montrealApril 4, 2015 at 5:10 PM

    the sky is so ominous in that easter island picture...2000 miles from any other land...4000 or so miles from the continent...

  2. I'm not sure how to use wordpress to post comments, so I'm trying under "anonymous." Thanks for sharing these photos. They're devastating. The ones toward the end of the destroyed animals were almost too painful to look at.


  4. I ran across this today from the BBC: The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust:

  5. Thanks for being brave enough to look Gail.

  6. Hey Gail, hoppy yeast! Here's some you probably saw:

    Nitrogen emissions in smog threatens to ‘massacre’ world’s forests – ‘If the situation remains as it is, most forests in southern China will be destroyed within decades’

    Worst drought in history of Yosemite National Park alters familiar landscape – ‘No one in the park has experience with snowpack levels this low’

    Tree-cover loss spikes in Russia and Canada, remains high globally


  7. michele/montrealApril 7, 2015 at 2:24 PM

    this is what they call a beautiful, clear, sunny day???

  8. Hey michele! Glad to see you made it through the brutal winter.

    Gail, i know you're all over this, but when i come across an article i like to "run it past you" for your opinion, which i highly value.

    Tree Cover Loss Spikes in Russia and Canada, Remains High Globally


  9. hi tom, I made it out of the winter but I feel so dead.

    you say: People keep planning for a future that isn’t going to be there, living in the past with respect to things like vacations, travel and the like.

    I have been thinking a lot lately about the impossibility to live without foreseeing a future.

    against all odds, I hope for a sweet death.

  10. Michele - where the hell is spring? The peepers came out but are confined to a tiny wet patch near a spring, when they used to be everywhere in the woods, and up and down the road for miles around. There are hardly any birds. Even the weeds aren't sprouting with any vigor.

    I think something is up.

  11. Tom, I'm sorry I didn't respond. I keep thinking I will write a post with all the latest tree links, but then I get overwhelmed. Not just with news of dying trees, and worsening pollution - but the whole climate thing is going off the rails so fast it literally takes my breath away.

    1. "...but the whole climate thing is going off the rails so fast it literally takes my breath away."

      Along with financial shenanigans and international "relations," it's going to be a "photo-finish" which of these 3 horsemen will absolutely take our breath away! Methinks the checkered flag will be waved sooner rather than later. Enjoy what you can, while you can... personally, I think win, place and show will be a collapse of the global economy (with rapidly ensuing food/water shortages), followed shortly after by global thermonuclear war... then third place doesn't matter.

  12. hi gail, this is a personal message. here is what eldest son (30) who lives in vancouver did last sunday

  13. In DC, the cherry blossoms are white instead of pink. Of course, they have to blame *something* so this time it's last winter's cold temperatures. But I have noticed flowers losing their pigmentation for several years.

  14. Gail: there's really nothing to say any more - besides witnessing what's happening. Thanks for being here and sharing your observations.

    Michele: i hope you don't mind that i looked at your son's festival video - how delightful! Be well and alive as long as you can.

    colinc: i agree, third place won't matter. Furthermore, i think at least 7 billion people will be completely surprised when it happens. Song for ya:

  15. I hope as many people as possible will look at my son's video. I called it personal message because it was not about science of climate change.
    thank you very much (I guess this is Tom...)

  16. yeah, that was me michele



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