Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Cool to be a Nihilist ~ Glenn Beck

I saw this fabulous clip at an intriguing collaborative blog --Synthetic_Zero, which bears Nietzsche's remonstrance at the top "Light for some time to come will have to be called darkness".  I'm not quite sure what meaning is intended with the dead lion on the floor of Glenn Beck's studio - there must be some, right? - but anyway, I have to be grateful to him for putting everything else together.  Click here to listen to the NPR story he laments.


  1. Ugh...not Glenn Beck. Not only does he call Hitler a "liberal," he uses a very misleading clip from the show True Detective to make his "point." Yes, Matthew McConaughey's character spouts nihilistic rhetoric at the beginning of the show (which his partner, played by Woody Harrelson, vehemently objects to) but by the end, after being shot and nearly killed, he changes his worldview considerably, which was kind of the show's whole point. There might have been more to object to in this video, but I couldn't watch the whole thing.

    Oh, and I assume the dead lion is there to piss off the "tree huggers" and "libruls" who are so daft as to actually care about the natural world.

  2. OMG OMG OMFG Can you hear me shrieking in Georgia?????? I saw the Princeton study and thought well, okay they are right, the autumn colors will diminish with climate change so I thought, I'll just let that one go - but this article goes well beyond that and what REALLLLLLY annoys me is I wrote to that shithead Howie Neufeld back in 2009 and he told me not to worry about ozone - he was so patronizing. What a jerk. If I had a blood pressure problem this would not be good for it. AAUUGHHHH. Thanks Catman!! :D

  3. Beck has done wonders for food sales, but other then that, I find the man ignorant and despicable. One of his advertising agents contacted us and I refused to participate in their "promotion", which is really all about making Beck even richer. Sorry, that is a definite no-no with me. And I am not for sale.

    His advocacy of fear and stupidity is legendary, but the brain dead people who follow him have lost the ability to think. The fact the Beck is using a Hollywood show and Hollywood actors for "source material" is quite revealing. He offers nothing but ignorance, superstition and the idea that his warped worldview is better.

    IMO - he's just a talking fool (and a hypocrite as his previous shows reveal). He lives in a world of his own imagination, deluding his followers that he's "informed" (not).

    He's an "infection" alright - like a brain-eating amoeba.

    After watching this stupid clip - I feel poisoned. Please don't do that again.

    1. Awww sorry! I meant it as a joke, of course Beck is a moron - I liked it though because it led to those really interesting podcasts which I probably would have missed otherwise. I suppose I should have made it more clear. On the Media - and RadioLab

      Very much worth listening to.

    2. I know you did. His IS a joke.

      He's just an actor, playing his bit part, but not without significant harm.

      One day, probably not long now, a few will remember that Beck and others of his kind were actively encouraging rampant denial. Perhaps the pitchforks will appear, but I doubt it. The responsible are almost always forgotten.

    3. "The responsible are almost always forgotten."

      While that is no doubt true in many cases, there are many more where 1) the responsible losers are vilified ad infinitum and 2) the responsible winners rewrite "history" to portray themselves as "heroes/saviors," also ad infinitum. When I was a child, many more years ago than I care to recall, (yet, my wife may ask "What do you mean 'was'?") and my brother and I would "tussle," we were BOTH punished. My father did not give a rat's ass about our pleas that "HE started it." Dad would ALWAYS admonish US with, "It takes TWO to tango, one of you had the option of walking away." Alas, no one nor few living creatures will be able to "walk away" from the cascading catastrophes that are imminent.

  4. Something to ponder:

    "Upgrading photosynthesis is a different story. If biologists succeed in boosting it by 25 per cent or more, the upgraded plants are going to have a big advantage over their unmodified cousins. And that could spell trouble.

    There is a precedent. About 30 million years ago some plants evolved a way to concentrate CO2 like cyanobacteria do. These are called C4 plants, and although they make up only 4 per cent of plant species, they account for 25 per cent of plant biomass. Look out over a grassy savannah and just about every living thing you see will be a C4 plant."


    1. The species self-described as homo sapiens sapiens[sic] seems quite incapable of "learning." An insignificant few rarely, if ever, actually consider "should." Someone will smell money in it, so it will be done, all other considerations, priorities and prerequisites rescinded! Say "goodnight," Gracie.


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