Friday, August 22, 2014

The Library is Now Open


Just for amusement (and possible utility) I have created an Apocalypsi Library...a Map of the Doomosphere...which is now open to the public for reading, borrowing, browsing, commenting and contributions (not monetary - ideas and links).  Enjoy!  And no need to keep your voices down.  Make all the noise you like!

Portal HERE.


  1. Gail,
    Many thanks for this absolutely amazing resource. I had vaguely contemplated something similar during the past year, already having extensive bibliographies sitting around, but this is excellent. I'll enjoy sifting through this over the next few days. Again, many, many thanks for you efforts, very much appreciated.

  2. Gail, Sorry I didn't get back to you, computer problems, this one is a 2002 Power PC mac: my mac mini died.

    I'm miffed at YouTube because when they deleted videos for whatever reasons they didn't list the title and artist. So I have NO idea what has been lost. Probably some really good songs and videos. But much remains of the 400 songs originally listed.

    Doomsday is coming. Not an IF but just a WHEN. The trees keep dying, the leaves are already falling in NE Georgia. Those trees won't be coming back until the tropospheric ozone falls below 20 ppb. Not in our lifetime. Everything was in balance before the ozone level got so high. The vegetation could keep ahead of the disease and insects. Not any more. A barren earth will not support our species.


    1. Heh, Catman, when the grid goes down EVERYTHING we have posted on the intertubes will be lost, forever!

    2. Hey Catman, a brand new one for you!

    3. I guess I'm very late to this "party" but, after listening to the great N. Merchant tune you've linked, I had to add this note. "It's A Coming" immediately reminded me, rhythmically and melodically, even lyrically (in a tangential way), of this...

      The Coup - "The Guillotine"

      Thanks for the intro to a new (to me) musician!

    4. Oh colinc that is FREAKIN' AWESOME!! If there was some of that spirit on Sept. 21 I would go!

  3. What fabulous stuff, Gail! OMG!


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