Saturday, August 16, 2014


For family reasons I have been stuck on Cape Cod for two weeks.  I do not like it here.  It is impossible to go anywhere without being trapped in traffic, it feels suffocating.  There are so obviously too many people sprawling heedlessly over this fragile sandy space, I sense a nasty shift in my perception of humanity - no longer a detached fondness for a failed and somewhat comically doomed species, but rather, increasing revulsion towards a seething, wriggling mass of shiny maggots.  Enjoy this short trailer, it is heartbreakingly tragic (for best quality, go to the film website).


  1. Aha! You've finally reached the maggot stage! Good for you!

    Now you will learn some more with open eyes of what we truly are.

    Humanity is a blight, a virus upon the Earth, a creeping, crawling, devouring, rapacious fungus that consumes everything, leaving nothing behind but trash, waste, pollution, destruction and endless fields of death.

    What a perfect description of two-legged 'maggots'.

    Many years ago, I finally came to realize that there is no redeeming qualities of the human race at all. Not one.

    Our history is full of depravity, violence, evil, injustice, slavery, extinction and torture. The evils we unleash upon the world are truly unfathamoble. A revolting mass of twisted evil.

    1. True although I am still impressed by some of our accomplishments, and I can think of a few people I like tremendously, as I'm sure you can too, Admin. But yes as a species, we have been barbaric. I am afraid that is our nature.

  2. I have to agree with the first comment, even our vaunted "intelligence" has been described as a lethal mutation. I haven't been back to the shore since I passed out while walking over the boardwalk to the beach reading a book. The last thing I remembered was, "hey this doesn't feel right" and sitting on a bench, then falling to my side out cold. A passer-by shook me awake and asked if I was okay, but I didn't understand what had just happened. He spoke with a cell phone in his hand and asked if he should call 911. I told him I was okay and just got up and walked back to the house, dumbfounded. I think I got a mild whiff of hydrogen sulfide, because nothing has happened since then medically. According to Jonny Mnemonic at the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis blog, methane and H2S are pluming off of the ocean (and many other bodies of water). This accounts for the daily log he provides of home explosions, vehicle fires (even parked), people (of all ages) keeling over dead, multiple sicknesses on cruise ships, school rooms, etc, and fires and explosions of all kinds.

    Try to enjoy the shore while you can, Gail. I miss the sound and sight of the ocean. I feel like I've lost my home.


  3. Gail, this film makes me cry. Humanity. Where is the love and compassion ?

  4. I come here for the yuk-yuks and you post this? Time for me to up my meds STAT!

  5. I swam at Midway Island in 1968 on the beach inside the barrier reefs while my CG cutter refueled. There was NO plastic or other trash anywhere in the north Pacific in those days. Gooney birds were everywhere and they are majestic. One got inside the small boat somehow and needed to be shoed away. Haven't the past 50 years, the age of consumerism and technology, led to the death of us all?


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