Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Get to Work Party in Washington, DC

As promised, two zombies held aloft a banner proclaiming "Koch Kills" in drippy bloody letters.
On stage, lead organizer Roger Shamel and his wife Susan, and their grandson, plus Geneva Boyer dressed as a polar bear, cradling planet Earth.
Dr. Joseph Romm, the fierce force behind, with moi! - and fellow zombies Tommy Thompson and Stephen Blau.
Dr. James Hansen, head of NASA and world famous climate hero, takes a look at the Koch brothers blood money (see the flyer in the post below).
 Lester  Brown, author of Plan B and director of the Earth Policy Institute.
This is pretty typical of the trees along the streets - very few leaves.
Of the leaves that remain, the overwhelming majority have visible damage from tropospheric ozone.
Even more dramatic is the collapse of bark, which is splitting, peeling, oozing and falling off in chunks.
 The streets of our capital are lined with trees in obvious decline...just as our forests are dying.
After the rally, some of us dragged our placards and props to the iconic Old Ebbitt Grill for well-deserved libation, under the rebuke of this polar bear...another, albeit soon to be extinct, icon.
Photos of the rally are courtesy of Joyce Jimerson, pictured with her daughter Beth in front of the historic Morrison Clark Inn where we stayed overnight.  Thank you Joyce!


  1. Amazing climate zombies and Koch bill; clever, creative, eye-catching,and informative. Thanks so much for lending your person,inspiration, and dedication to this 10/10 event!

  2. You are amazing! Thank you for the magnificent work you do, trying to make people aware of the problems right over their noses! Looking forward to implementing the ideas we discussed. More clean power to you!

  3. Sometimes I remove the invasive plant buckthorn. Should I continue or stop because plants neutralize O3(at a great cost) in their leaves. The more plants the less O3? Right. What should I do? I am going to try to get an article in my school paper.

  4. Oh, I hope you get an article published, Highschooler! Please send me a link or a copy?

    As far as removing invasives, it shouldn't affect the overall balance because the invasives will be replaced by something else - whether you plant it or some native grows in its place. Nature abhors a vacuum. At least, until we started messing with it!


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