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I would amend the conclusions of this video to say, we don't have to wait any 50 years to see the effects of ozone!

Unfortunately, this link expired and the video is difficult to embed, so here is a link to the National Geographic film about the ongoing experiments studying the effects of CO2 and ozone on trees.

It seems very premature to say things like elevated CO2 is good for plants - like an "all-you-can-eat buffet." What has that sort of overindulgent diet done for the health of the average American?

Since the trees and plants evolved to live in the atmosphere with pre-industrial levels of CO2, it strikes me as simple logic that higher levels will ultimately damage vegetation. Nobody knows that leaves that are slightly larger and grow slightly faster will contain the same nutrient levels, or whether trees will produce nuts and fruit with sufficient minerals and vitamins required by the animals that feed on them, for instance.

In any event the looming crisis from ozone damage (and quite possibly worse effects from burning ethanol, which as far as I can tell aren't included in this study, nor for that matter is the serious effect of acid rain depletion of essential soil nutrients) is much more urgent than the question of CO2 effects.

A most important finding is the subsequent vulnerability of trees exposed to ozone to secondary insect and disease, the "sharks smelling the blood." It's time for those researching the pine bark beetle, sudden oak death ostensibly from a fungus, sudden aspen decline, etc., to make the link between ozone exposure and compromised immune systems.

Let's hope these scientists will have the courage to make a correlation between their controlled studies in Wisconsin and what is happening in the dangerous uncontrolled experiments going on in our woods, parks, back yards, and farms. Our government agencies and elected officials must become aware that we are threatening not just trees but our food supply with our reckless polluting through toxic greenhouse gas emissions.
As far as I'm concerned, this evidence is conclusive enough to be the basis for a lawsuit against big, lying corporations.


  1. Gail,
    I have a problem with your reasoning.
    There is a finite amount of O2( oxygen) in earth's biosphere. Therefore you cannot have simultaneously increasing levels of O3,CO2,H2O- (ocean levels rising = more H2O), population increase-(your body contains an amazing amount of O2.)It just does not add up...
    Secondly, there is something like $50B US spent world wide on CGW research every year..
    If there was any data to support the warming lie you'd have to think $50billion US $'s of research would find it...They likely turned that satelite off because it disproved warming..
    Then there is the uproar over England's East Anglia University's fiddling with the figures to make it look like there has been warming.. in colaboration with NASA.
    Since these guy's have been fiddling the figures for at least 25 years and they have "unfortunately" lost the original hard copy it is very hard for anybody to verify anything regarding temperature...
    If the base line figures are faulse then all the research is meaningless.. all $50B of it..
    I suggest you try to get some local records and observe the variation for yourself..
    Thirdly... Didn't you hear 25+ years ago that the New World Order puppet masters wanted to tax Carbon to fund the UN world government??
    Strange how Carbon has become a polutant and needs to be taxed.... isn't it.!!!
    Have you observed that every breath you take is a Carbon transaction......
    Are you ready to be taxed for breathing ????
    Are you in favour of the NWO's plan to eliminate as much as 2/3'rds of the world's population so they can "save" the planet ???
    I suggest you repent of Al Gore's lies and get youself away from his church of Climatology.!!
    Keep seeking for truth,love justice.. but,....How will you recognise truth ???
    The Lord Jesus said..."I am the Truth, the Way and the Life, no one comes to the father,except by me." And also, "Except that ye be born again Ye shall by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven."
    Also the proverb says...
    "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."

    You want answers about the creation.!!
    Ask the creator....Keep asking, he will answer.

    Shame about the trees...
    It could be fungus..
    It could be insect presure...
    It could be polution deliberately released from planes...
    It could be acid rain...
    It could be a plant virus..

    Ask the creator, God most high if he will show you the answer..


  2. Hey Mal, will you please get at least a high school level education?

    First off the element of oxygen is not the same as molecules that contain oxygen.

    The various forms of Oxygen come and go with various processes, one particularly harmful one is human caused combustion that makes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

    This is so fundamental, that I really don't want to waste any more time on your education.

  3. Mal, you are a dick with ears.

    Initially, you obviously didn't do well in math and science. Sure there is, relatively speaking, a finite amount of matter in the biosphere. But you don't seem to understand that it all interacts. There's a lot of oxygen in CO2, for example. There's also a 50/50 chance that you graduated in the lower half of the class. But your putative "facts" and analytical capabilities suggest that moving the dial toward the bottom half of the shit-for-brains pile is in order.

    Climate change isn't an exercise in imaginary numbers, as you seem to imply. It's a matter of some pretty simply and direct cause and effect calculations. We've known, for over 100 years, that greenhouse gasses like CO2 trap heat in the atmosphere. If GHGs didn't trap heat, the earth would be the same temperature as the moon - and we wouldn't be enjoying this "exchange of views". If the concentration of GHGs continues to rise (prove, asshole, that it isn't) without abatement, the earth is going to trend towards a resemblance to Venus - and our grandchildren aren't going to have the opportunity to argue about whether W or Sarabou were the worst President in the history of the Republic.

    Your belief in a massive, intergatlactic, conspiracy involving academics, scientists, various governmental agencies, NGOs, and a race of extraterrestrial supercapitalists is, fundamentally, indicative of a mental condition (this presumes that there is a mind - I may be giving you too much credit) that might benefit from the administration of massive quantities of electricity, Thorazine, or both. Clearly, your horoscope predicts a small painted room in a pleasing pastel shade, leather restraints, and piped in Muzak 24/7. Relax, dweelzlekins, Nurse Ratchet will be along with your meds any minute now.

    The baseline figures are no more fales than Barry's Hawaiian birth certificate. And the analyses and projections suffer from, if anything, too much conservatism - as the most recent data sets and physical observations show. The simple, unexpurgaged, fact is that things are getting much worse, much faster, than was previously prognosticated.

    Those things said, I don't have the time, or the inclination, to try to disabuse the portion of humanity that, like you, suffers from cranial anal inversion syndrome. You'll need to take some initiative and pull your own head out of your own ass. We Republicans don't believe in anything that remotely smacks of collective entitlements - especially for the galactically stoopid.

    In the meantime, I have a simple wager for you. I'll agree that, if we do everything humanly possible to avert a climate catastrophe and it later proves uneccesary because me and all of my warmist chums were dupted by an international cabal of scientists and politicians who gamed the whole thing up to enrich and empower themselves, the warmists and their progeny will foot the whole bill.

    The flip side (that's your side, Flipper), is that if we don't do everything that is humanly possible and it turns out that the warmists were right, the deniers and their progeny will, voluntarily or otherwise, agree to promtly vacate the planet for happier times in whatever afterlife they subscribe to.

    Since the worst of the projections suggest that only a few small communities of humans will survive somewhere North of the Arctic Circle, it would only be fitting for the future of the human genome project if we were rid of the kind of idiot genes that allow mutations like you and your homo dumbo ilk to survive.

    I'll simplify this for you (I know you need things presented in short declarative sentences, preferably accompanied by pictures). If I'm right, my kids and grandkids pay. If you're right, your kids and grandkids are first in line at the Solyent Green factory.

    Is it a bet, Bucky?


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