Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sick and Sad

Two videos, not in that order.  The first is a nicely executed compilation of apocalyptic landscapes with fabulous music.  The second is sheer genius, with a disclaimer - Any similarity between the character's voracity and typical human behavior...or the contents of the toilet to the general condition of the, I'm sure, purely coincidental and unintentional.



  1. Loved the second one, Gail, the first was too Hollywood.

    1. It is sad how humans fantasize of a quick apocalypse arriving from beyond themselves. In bleak reality, we get a slow strangling of species after species, child after child dying in heat-wave after heat-wave, etc. etc. etc. etc, all due to our own greed. Not some "bad guy" meteor. The enemy is within. In our DNA. We can only escape our own hideousness through watching fictitious movies of our doom coming from beyond. ;)

      Fuck humans.

  2. haunting image:
    Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo inspects a peatland clearing that was engulfed by fire during an inspection of a firefighting operation to control agricultural and forest fires in Banjar Baru in Southern Kalimantan province on Borneo island on September 23, 2015. ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images

  3. "UH, SKEWS MY, my-ster PREZY-DENT, but uh, ye canen't grow much when ya burn yer soil, see adum sighin'?"

    nice to see yer still kickin' michele;

    hey Gail, "artsy!"



  5. I gave up drugs in the 80's but after seeing both videos I am mulling a return to those distant shores of oblivion.


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