Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Election Charade

I didn't vote.  I suppose I might have if there was any chance of influencing short-term local issues but I live in such an overwhelmingly conservative area that it's pointless...and as far as national policy, well, this government is so corrupt, there is no chance of any political solutions averting collapse on various fronts.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can reflect on the prescience of George Carlin.



  1. I voted out of my own sense of desperation...

  2. I voted in my own madteapartying state mostly to support a bond to fix up public our schools which haven't been truly maintained in decades, the proverbial and literal skies may be falling on the heads of the kids but at least for a while the school roof won't be merely from our negelct. The more diverse/representative our governments have become here in the US the more fractured and jammed up they have become what a choice between effective state rule by one class/race or a mulit-clusterfuck, either way the corporations get what they want and continue to kill themselves (and the rest of the biosphere) for short term profits, on that cheery note off for the day...


    2. LOL I saw that John Oliver episode on your site yesterday - LOVED the spanking part!!

    3. yep all too telling what a maroon, the people have spoken


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