Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Fifteen Seconds in Twisted Times

Alex Smith, the host of Radio Ecoshock, is an amazingly skillful and genial interviewer who asks the most penetrating questions.  He always manages to elicit lively conversations with the scientists who appear on his show, all of whom are far more distinguished than I could ever dream of I am truly honored and humbled to have been a guest this week, in the second half of the episode.  Go to his page for a listen!  (where you can also subscribe and donate to keep his excellent, unique program on the air.)

Photo of Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger in a Palm Beach art gallery, with street image reflected on the window glass

And as long as I'm claiming my 15 seconds of fame, I make a brief cameo at around 16:40 in Pauline's video of Guy McPherson (whoot!)...but that's not why you should watch it.  I think you will find that is a touchingly personal, even intimate testimony of her journey, that speaks of universal themes with guileless honesty.  There is some beautiful scenery too.

The password is Going Dark (with the capitals, and the space).

Going Dark Documentary from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.


  1. Good showing on Ecoshock. Am a not so secret admirer of yours. Don't know if i wrote this to you before:
    When i was a kid i saw some cartoon where the trees had scary faces on their trunks. My first nightmare as child was with those same trees. When I was 20 years old I read, The Secret Life of Plants and came to believe that trees were our friends. Took a while to get over that book. I used to talk to the seeds when planting my organic garden because the book said that plants like to be eaten as it was their destiny so, i would tell each seed to grow up big and strong for me to eat. lol. Just imagine if i grew pot.

    That book has set plant networking studies back by decades as many scientists were to too afraid to be associated with the junk science from which that book originated. Plant intelligence studies are making a come back.

    I am the same person who made lengthy comments about mass extinction and graphite mining on your website Doom For Dummies using the moniker "Outreach". I also made a few other nonsense comments when "under the influence." Some stuff you can't unsee.

    Here's my story:

    Why I stopped talking to my dog.
    in the far distant future, after the end of the near term mass extinction of all life on earth, the only survivors will be our genetically modified trees. these trees have their own communication networks and after they gain sentience, they will talk endlessly about the ridiculous notion that grass pastures have about the legendary cereal killers called cows. you may wonder how i know all this. well, my dog came up to me the other day when i woke up hung over, he telepathically told me that space aliens were using his mind to get the word out to us humans.

  2. Sometimes I think space aliens made as much sense as anything else!!

    1. Perhaps! My son-in-law believes that we are alien descendants who were accidentally left here to propagate the species in the universe. Aside from that he is an excellent husband to my daughter an helpful in just about all ways. Who knows.... Well I do. But then I have talked to trees in the past, or at least felt a connection with them, feeling their exasperation at being used for lumber, mulch and pulp. They have since stopped talking to me but still tolerate my presence. Even though they grow as far away from us as possible, our fossil fuel remnants go beyond our roads and kill them by the millions, opening the door to invasive species which otherwise would have remained distant enemies were it not for our capacity to sow our seeds on every square inch of the planet.
      I have read only a few of your stories, renditions of our presence on Earth, and they are most compelling.... A tree hugger.... Jean Turcot (pronounced as in Genre without the re)

    2. Thank you so much for reading and for your comment Jean! It is wonderful to hear from another who appreciates trees, which are so magnificent.


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