Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bullet Control

Hmm...I was just saying to middle daughter Sophie (who was in Philly for job interviews when the horrific Sandy Hook massacre happened) that any attempt to confiscate guns in the US would precipitate a civil war with gun lovers - who notoriously will cling to their weapons until they are pried from their cold dead fingers - and so a better way to address gun violence would be to restrict, or tax, ammunition (this could be done simply by regulating lead, a known toxin and essential ingredient of bullets).  Then I saw this:


  1. When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. - John Steinbeck

  2. I posted this comment at Alternet:

    Maybe we need bullet control. Yes, I know that individuals can reload their own ammo, so I also know that a cartridge reloading cottage industry would soon develop. But like pot dealers, there's already a police infrastructure in place that could go after the new prohibition. Let the drug cops branch out and go after the cartridge reloaders. I could support that. Maybe some politician could, too.

    War on bullets!

    with a link to Chris Rock.

    Sometimes the solution to a problem is thinking outside the box.

  3. The New Nazis have redefined mental disease.

    Bullets listed under pornopathic.

  4. Gail, Kathy here from NBL. Watched Sarah's Key - wonderful. Posted a comment based on it at NBL today in the AM and also a comment on there about trees based on an article I linked to in the PM

  5. Hi Gail,
    I read your words, civil war is a real possibility, we may be in a low level undeclared war already, but more to the point, and viewing Chris Rocks take was informative, I wish to know your final verdict, since you did with the words, "Then I saw this:


    Ps I conscientiously object to owning either a gun or a motorcar.
    They both kill.
    Air pollution caused by vehicle traffic does kill, or harm thousands of children every year.
    With cars made, bought, sold, and driven in the USA.
    A sad tragic truth, or just collateral casualties of "war"?

  6. Thanks Kathy,

    Hi David. I agree with you on both counts - guns and cars. However in the real world, it would be awfully hard to confiscate all the guns that are out there without instigating an insurrection, and I mean that quite literally. Here's an interesting article on the utility (to our corporate overlords) of fostering the siege mentality that correlates with arming individuals:;640229b9.1212c

    heck, maybe even car-dependent suburbia does the same thing.


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