Naturally as we all know, the weather is violently worse from climate change - but even more important in terms of lost power is that the TREES are different. They are all dying from air pollution, everywhere around the world. It's pretty obvious actually, if you just look at them. Their bark is falling off, they have cankers and holes like tumors, their leaves are small and burnt and shriveled.

The first thing trees do when they absorb ozone (air pollution) is allocate more resources to repairing damage to the leaves or needles. This reduces energy sent to the roots. Shrunken root systems mean the trees are more likely to fall over and also are more vulnerable to drought, which is happening more because of climate change. To top it all off, they lose natural immunity to insects, disease and fungus. Go ask a tree. It will tell you if you listen.

The underlying reason the power is out, and wildfires are uncontrollable, is air pollution. It's as simple and clear a causal connection as smoking tobacco leads to cancer, a truth that has been even more ruthlessly suppressed by the corporate overlords who seek to perpetuate the industrial destruction of nature - until the very last second before she responds to them with her pitchfork. Just ask the authors of "An Appalachian Tragedy".

The USDA has also been trying to develop crops that are genetically resistant to tropospheric ozone, with no luck. Even if they could do it, what good would that do for the trees and other wild vegetation that are dying from absorbing air pollution? It's especially bad because ozone shrinks roots well before damage is visible on leaves, making the plants even more vulnerable to the droughts that are worsening. People should realize the ecosystem is collapsing and we need to stop burning fuel! a book for free:

Injury resulting from ozone has been extensively, in fact exhaustively, demonstrated during decades of scientific research, which has found it is extremely detrimental to vegetation, including annual crops and especially longer-lived trees exposed to cumulative damage.

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