Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coal Country

This post is just a quick update because I'm about to hit the road.  I've been warned that cell phone - and internet - access may be spotty at best in the mountains.  Yesterday I went back to New York for a court appearance, for the third time, for my arrest across from the Stock Exchange at Occupy Wall Street.  Security took my camera away in the lobby, so instead here is a picture of a corner of the Woolworth's building, which I saw walking from the PATH train at the World Trade Center to the courthouse:
Yet again, "The People" were "not prepared" - and offered us the opportunity to walk away.  Not to be deterred, our fearless lawyer insisted we want a trial.  "The People" would rather avoid it, because the police violated our civil right to peacefully protest, and the prosecutor knows it. Anyway, the hearing is rescheduled yet again, for September 10.
Last night, I picked up my traveling companion, Rebecca, at the train in Far Hills...and middle daughter Sophie's Glasgow Vet School roommate and bestest friend Ali joined us for a farewell dinner on the porch before our trip to West Virginia.  We had grilled chicken sausage and red peppers, a salad of arugula and cannellini with shaved parmigiano reggiano, and sweet bicolor corn from the local farmstand.  Hey, who knows what we'll  gruel we'll be eating, camped out for a week in a field near the coal mines!  River and Coco know something's up with all the packing, and they are highly suspicious.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank those kind readers who sent checks to defray the expenses of traveling to West Virginia for the RAMPS action.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Your sponsorship means so much to me and honestly, it gives me courage to know I have the support of friends, and even two people I have never met.  It turns out the campground is next to a huge forested park with a lovely river running through it, so I am really excited to hike through the woods there.  If nothing else, this will be an adventure.


  1. Come to find out, we don't need live plants anyway; we can just paint them.

    In other news, we could save the planet by replanting forests, but the downside is, and I quote, "FLAW: large land area needed."

    "The American way of life is not negotiable."George H.W. Bush, Earth Summit (1992)

    It's funny how the hellish “It's all going to burn anyway" has been become a self-prophecy.

  2. I hope things are going well for you in Coal Country.

    Keeping up the fight to save trees, here's a biologist who wants to bring back the American Chestnut.

  3. I'm fine, not arrested! Here's a flickr account with, I'm sure many more will come:

    When I have more time to access internet I'll write something and add photos.

    I love that idea - Just paint them!? One irate miner asked us if we'd ever seen a "reclaimed" mine. As if and entire ecosystem can be replaced by spraying grass seed on toxic mud.


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