Monday, November 14, 2011

Shocking and Sickening - a rumor that Sandusky used charity to pimp children

I'm usually too busy reading about air pollution and writing about dying trees to pay much attention to what seem, in comparison to the existential threat of a collapsing ecosystem, like sensationalist and fleeting news stories - such as the Penn State pedophile scandal.  But a comment on an article about it led me to this hour-long documentary, which was originally prepared for the Discovery Channel and then destroyed.  It was later pieced back together and released anonymously.  It's important beyond the immediate subject, because it reveals just how corrupt the major institutions of our country have become.  As the investigative lawyer reflects ruefully in the conclusion, "If you control the media, if you control the Justice Department, if you control the own the system."  It starts out a little slow, but as the facts emerge it's difficult to exaggerate how deeply unsettling it is, particularly that the evidence remains sealed by court order, as a Washington Times reporter describes, "...until a cold day in hell."
Update:  You can read the book, "The Franklin Coverup" which links the pedophile operation, money-laundering and the Savings & Loan debacle, with secret CIA activity including Iran Contra, online here.

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