Saturday, November 27, 2010


I remember laughing at this when my kids showed it to me, back in the good old days, when all I had to worry about was the possibility of nuclear armageddon - before I realized...oh, about 2 years ago...that we have been irretrievably committed to catastrophic climate chaos for several decades, at least, whether we become sane and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, or not.
Somehow this led to an instructive if hopelessly corny (geeky scientists star!) video about the Permian Extinction event - which was caused by an asteroid - but is quite enlightening about how global climate change progresses, and how long it took for the earth to recover and stabilize so new species can evolve (a mere 20 million years!).  Puts things in perspective...
What follows is a sad and silly commentary from the perspective of our young people, a spoof which is corny as well, but sort of endearingly so...the worst of which is the almost 2 million views it has received since being posted about a year ago.  Now is not an auspicious time to be inheriting the earth.

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  1. Oh so great... thanks

    There is another for your collection.... from 1965 - the War Game


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