Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Extreme Ice

Roses are blooming on bushes with just a few pockmarked leaves remaining.

This is a cucumber vine. Crop yields will surely decrease if we continue to pollute the air with greenhouse gasses.

These leaves are typical.

It's therapeutic to find something pretty, and examine it closely, whilst ignoring as best you can the surrounding decay.

The lily of the valley leaves are scorched.

As leaves that should be green are yellowing, those that should be purple varieties are turning green instead, like this basil, and potato vine.

This is the first season that annual plants have such pronounced symptoms of chlorosis and obviously, for them, it isn't a cumulative effect from years of drought or acid rain or gradual temperature rise. It's not a fungus or a bug or a disease that is affecting every single species that produces chlorophyll, all at once, at the same time!

The silky dogwood leaves are all this shriveled, and honestly I don't remember what a fading cone flower should look like but surely not so hideous?
This is a fascinating and beautiful site to wander around, and then through your tears, google "albedo effect".

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