Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cascading Synergy

I'm not certain if it means anything, but in this article, about Wisconsin suing the EPA, it says:

In June of 2000, the EPA announced a proposal to loosen regulations limiting evaporative characteristics of reformulated gasoline. It would maintain current use of ethanol as an oxygenate in reformulated gasoline, but allow for increased fuel volatility. This allowance would make RFG production easier for gasoline manufacturers and hopefully cause price reductions in the cost of reformulated gasoline, lessening the price difference between reformulated gasoline and conventional gasoline. This proposal was approved in the spring of 2001.

Thus, with these changes, reformulated gasoline would still be in use with the supposed benefit of reduced carbon monoxide emissions. The question arises as to whether or not the increased use of RFGs with a higher volatility will, in the long run, do more damage to the environment. The National Research Council indicated in its report, "the use of an ethanol-containing RFG with an RVP [Reid vapor pressure, a measure of fuel volatility] that is 1 psi higher than other RFG blends would be detrimental to air quality in terms of ozone"

yet another report says:

when ozone levels surpass a certain amount, the gas causes cellular damage inside the plant's leaves, and they become visibly damaged with brown splotches.

The ozone also reduces the rate of photosynthesis in the plant and cripples its ability to grow.

Gee, imagine that! And then there's this:

"In effect the cells have been disrupted...Essentially the photosynthetic apparatus has been damaged."

Such damage could cause large economic losses through reduced crop yields.

Ya think??? This video rambles a bit strangely, but it's interesting to watch.

Try this on for size - what the world will look like after we finish destroying it and ourselves through climaticide.

apocadocs had this link which reminds me, I agree with MindOverBlather, the scientists should reconsider their language and instead of COULD should say WILL as in this snippet!

"a cascading synergy of adverse climate-change effects could outrun snail-paced efforts to reduce of greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels in power plants and transportation sources mostly in developed and developing nations."

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