Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Silent War on Trees


  1. Beautifully terrifying and depressing, well done, Ms. Zawacki!! :) Perhaps a bit too quick with some of text, at least for my slow peepers, which led to unwelcome but necessary pauses in the oh-so-appropriate music but, nonetheless, masterful work. I'm looking forward(?!) to watching Dr. Fishman's "...Toxic Atmosphere" video in the near future. I hope you don't mind my leaving this comment here rather than on the YT or TWoT sites.

    1. I edited it (and replaced it on this post) - hopefully it is improved now!

  2. Hey colin, ya beat me to it! i too found the pace a bit quick but the overall effect is achieved - we've lost so much, continue to wreak havoc, and are contributing to our own demise living in industrial civilization. Best to you both and all your readers!


  3. I see you have been drawn into a shoving match over at Collapse of Ind Civ. Only misericordia gets it right when he says "... I am well-acquainted with the fact that Zerzan is determined to never again be arrested. I’m foursquare with that and doing the golden nothing about our predicament, other than being as kind and thoughtful as I can to everyone, especially on the internet." The others are only too happy to shove and trample and mistreat each other in a mad race to be right about what's wrong. And then they brand dissent trolling. I'm glad I'm gone from there.

    1. "...the mad race to be right about what's wrong." Very well put. It seems in our desperation everyone has to invent their own particular version of collapse and then quibble with everyone else's...and that's BEFORE they start fighting about solutions - whether there are any, and if not why not, and if so, what they might be. Thanks for stopping by Wit's End - we have a lively, somewhat snarky doomer discussion on facebook in The Panic Room if you would care to chime in.

  4. Thanks for creating an excellent video.

    "Civilizations" leaving deserts in their wake,

    Oh well...



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