Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Soggy Start

I'm on my way back to Manhattan for the May Day General Strike. Yesterday I bought another children's set of noisy musical instruments - a drum, tamborine and kazoo - so I can join the 1,000 Guitarmy in Bryant Park.  I had such fun last November in the band, making a racket outside Bloomberg's house.  If you can't strike but would like to keep track of things, Media for the 99% has links.  Following is a Kat Edmonson song from 2008 that seems appropriately tinged with irony, in hindsight - followed by two other of her numbers...only because I happen to like their whimsy.  Tell your friends - don't shop today!  Rattle the cage and let the 1% know we're here - and we are NOT pleased.


  1. Thanks for being there!

    If you haven't seen this because you are so busy:



  2. Thanks Catman, no, I hadn't seen that. AAUUGGHHHH!!!

    When will the ever learn that BUGS LOVE SICK TREES?

  3. Gail, your brave actions in NYC inspired us to take to the streets of Boston to join several hundred others in a Capitalism Funeral March. This was after a lecture at MIT dealing with the dire impacts of climate change. The speaker said, in private remarks, that we're at least an order of magnitude beyond a sustainable number of people on Earth.

  4. Really? Then it was all worth it! ROCK ON, Mossy & Pa!


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