Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Have Poisoned the Oceans

Heartbreaking video of rescue attempts to save dolphins stranding on Cape Cod - "in record-breaking numbers".

Ric O'Barry (an amazing environmental activist with a profound history  I had never heard of before, but who is right up there with Jacques Cousteau and Rachel Carson) is asked in this newscast repeatedly WHY these dolphins are stranding, and he responds, with ferocious calm - check the mercury levels from coal-fired power plants:

And then just to round things out, a video shared by a commenter:


  1. Odd. I had heard about The Cove any number of times and never chased it down. Thanks for the info.
    Sourcewatch has a wild infosite on Coal Ash. In the mountains where the tops are decapped by strip mining, regulation changes to waterway allowances mean hundreds and thousands of miles of streams are polluted by runoff. Plus the supposed containment systems leach radioactive toxins into groundwater and are unstable plus unfixable when - not if - they eventually collapse into waterways.
    BTW In Africa activists are saying DDT is a sensationalized bad rap that's incorrect - and deprives them of the weapon needed to stop thousands of deaths annually from mosquito-borne malaria.

  2. Opit, wiki is your friend:

    go down to the section "Criticisms of Restrictions" which roundly debunks that myth. It's popular, like accusing people who are concerned about overpopulation of being racists, and just as fact-challenged.


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