Monday, July 18, 2011

Chemtrails and Contrails

Predictably, I received a comment to my earlier post, Lurching from Bedlam to Oblivion, from a reader supporting the idea that chemtrails are being sprayed, with a link to a youtube.

I don't want to disparage the many people who are concerned about chemtrails, or give the impression I don't respect their opinions, because I feel a great affinity for anyone (since we are such a tiny minority) who realizes and cares that trees and wildlife are dying out.  But I also feel strongly that the chemtrail conspiracy is a distraction, and it's a pity that those people who are convinced by it aren't putting their energy, resources and passion into the fight that really needs to be fought.  Following is the comment and my response:

Many people have come forward talking about chemtrails, including retired FBI official Ted Gunderson. 

Posted by PLovering

My reply:  I watched the video, Plovering, and he does not offer any inside evidence at all, just his opinion.

Let's assume for a minute that government(s) ARE spraying the sky with chemicals or nano-particles or whatever, to reduce warming from greenhouse gases, or to cause human diseases, or kill fish and birds.  Leaving aside the WHY?...and the fact that it isn't working very well - HOT!  HOT!  Russia last year, US midwest this year!  Unprecedented record breaking heat waves!...

Sorry - getting back to How - how could a covert operation with airplanes from a few developed nations possibly contribute more than a minute fraction of all the toxic products flowing into the air, compared to what everybody, everywhere is dumping into the atmosphere day and night - using it like an open public sewer through power generation, fossil fuel extraction, biofuel production, transportation, forest destruction, and other enormous industrial processes - all over the globe?

The answer is, even if "they" wanted to, they couldn't possibly produce nearly as much crap as is already being emitted, with no secrets about it - far more than is sufficient to cause horrible diseases, animal extinctions, coral bleaching and dying trees.

So how come all the chemtrail conspiracists aren't organizing and posting videos about cars, trucks, airplanes, coal and nuclear power plants, fracking, deep-water drilling, and the tar-sands - not to mention chemical waste, and artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and plastic trash killing whales and turtles in the oceans - instead of alleging what would have to be - even if it DID exist - a comparatively speaking miniscule contribution??

Because, it's US, PLovering, it's not THEM.


  1. People who deny chemtrails is no less startling to me than it is startling to you that people are oblivious to the trees dying... just an insight into my personal perception. I just can't believe people are in denial about chemtrails.

  2. Oh, it's also not an US or them, one way or another thing as you end your post suggesting... its not that black and white. It's a contribution from both. Plus, you make no mention that the sprays could even contain strong defoliants or concentrated heavy metals which would have a devastating effect on plants and wildlife, and help to produce some of the symptoms you're mentioning in plants. I'm not sure why you're unwilling to go this much further down the rabbit hole, but I think you'll get there eventually. To those that have gone there already though, chemtrails are an undoubtable reality.

  3. Hmmm.... the tin hat or the kool aid... choices, choices...

  4. I know, Gail. It's like Alex Jones, who wouldn't know a fact if it came up and kissed him on the lips. What we DO know is enough. Why all the delving deep into what could be true but for which there is no actual proof? Sensationalism, I guess. Ratings?

  5. Consider that the powers that be want to push GMO on the people. Why would Monsanto do research to make GMO highly resistant to aluminum when aluminum is a non issue? How did they know chemtrails contained mostly aluminum which would cause other crops to fail which would force farmers to buy and plant GMO as the only means to growing food. This is but one side to this issue of chemtrails. It goes deeper than this even.


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