Friday, October 1, 2010

No Pressure

This will be the fate of the Climate Zombies.

Update: haha, looks like some pressure was brought to bear on 1010 and they have taken the video off the intertubes!  But I found another copy and replaced the original.


  1. Another tree fell at my house last night. I was working on my english homework and I heard a snap and a thump outside. I had checked my rain gage after school and it was 3 inches! Oh! and 1 other thing 3 other groups in my science class tested the sun vs shade. 1 Group had oak leaves stronger in the sun and 2 others had some unknown tree or trees stronger in the shade. Come spring I will do the tests on trees at my house.

  2. That's terrific that other students are working on the project! Maybe your teacher would be interested in the college syllabus for the course I mailed you about?

  3. We all tested leaf strength for different variables. some did size,color,height. It was an oppurtunity that arose for me. Its interesting it came up now. I wonder if God put me where I am so I can help save the trees?

  4. Well, I can't say I believe in God, but if I did, I would certainly think so. In any event, you possess an unearthly understanding of earthly things!

  5. I was shocked by the video... then I like it. It says that there are real consequences for action and inaction.

  6. Hi Richard!

    Here was my comment about the video at CP:

    personally I thought it was quite funny, but I can see where it would alienate many people. My critique of it is quite different. I think the entire notion of reducing one’s carbon footprint by 10% is a muddled concept. There are people with such enormous footprints that reducing by 10% would barely require they change a thing – and others who already have a much smaller footprint that lowering it by 10% could represent much greater sacrifice.

    I think a better approach would be to ration fuel. Everybody gets the same amount, no matter how rich they are. To really address the perils of climate change, a huge and global paradigm shift in the mode of social justice will be required anyway – so why not?

    Someone mentioned a terrific sign held aloft at Copenhagen – System Change Not Climate Change.

    Anything less and no one, at any latitude or income level, will be spared horrific consequences.

  7. Greatly expanded (over 90 songs) and still growing.

    Songs of the past that warned of our present and future climate mess.
    Suggestions welcomed!

    (Sorry, a few have commercials thanks to Velo.)
    Like this one:

  8. Terrific, catman! Do you have Tupelo?

  9. I didn't object to the simulated gore, but I did to the repetition. That button should be pushed just once per spot.

  10. Oh I agree Gail...

    I think both CP and McKibben wimped out.

    I said that
    "Everyone visiting CP has fairly high economic stability. – Enough for a computer and Internet connectivity. Joe is inside the beltway DC. We are all relatively safe.

    How many people are displaced in Pakistan floods? How hot were the fires in forests in Russia just a few months ago? How many died in LA heat this week? And have they even measured the deluge along the East coast yesterday?

    What kind of propaganda video would those real news images make?

    These were not voluntary weather events that could be turned off like a YouTube video.

    Eco-fascism and carbon tax totalatarianism mean nothing compared to real weather events.

    Ignoring the problem just makes the elephant grow bigger and meaner.

    Denying this Halloween horror movie with a message is grumbling and a waste of time.

    The kids get it. And now that we hate it, they will all see it more. After all it is their future we have given them. And the horrors of it, we have made. "

    When I fly in an airplane - I cannot open the door in flight... that is not an eco-fascist restriction to my freedome .. that's the fucking rule.

    Rolling Stones "When the Whip comes down !!"

  11. In a way, Chris, I think it needed the repetition - as JR said, parody should become increasingly clear as it unfolds. I think it was great the way they cut very fast from the kids to the office scene - which immediately made clear the whole spattery gory bit was obviously over the top humor, meant to demonstrate just how desperate the reality has become.

    I thought the very last scenes were excellent to demonstrate that no one, whether a wealthy celebrity or an ordinary kid, can ignore their own liability in causing climate change and that every person must make some sacrifices.

    And besides I was laughing pretty hard through the whole thing - every time I watched it!

  12. Richard, I hadn't seen the CP smackdown until now! Here's my response, in case JR snips it!

    It’s really too bad that sanctimonious activists didn’t support the 1010 effort to shake things up, to the point where they felt obligated to withdraw the video, which was created at great cost and effort – and apologized.

    I suspect it’s somewhat inevitable that well-known and well-intentioned leaders in the movement to avert the worst effects of climate change have become so enamored of their personal congratulatory, adulatory organizations that they just honestly don’t realize – their strategy isn’t working.


    In hindsight, it will become apparent that the scientifically endorsed reticence of hedging – oh we can’t attribute that flood or hurricane or drought or all those dying trees – to human influence via burning fuel…and we don’t want to be confrontational or controversial so we’ll make nice and have polite work parties rather than accuse the climate criminals openly in the streets…is an unmitigated disaster for the human race, and most other species we share this planet with.

    Shame on all of you detractors and bravo to the wrongly chastened producers of “No Pressure”.

    You can see it on my blog, if you want a good laugh.

  13. I have worked in countries were religious zealots really do blow up children in classrooms. I can assure you that it is nothing to laugh about.

    All you climate change zealots should be ashamed of yourselves.

  14. The biosphere of Earth is in its death throes – everything from phytoplankton to trees hundreds of feet tall, and all the species that rely upon them – and people are hand-wringing over a video that is so cartoonish as to be comic. Compare the garish silliness of those explosions to the sort of credible violence American moviegoers regularly flock to see! Or the disgusting all-American game of football that leaves players debilitated with dementia. Then think about the real cruelty that is being inflicted on our planet, this beautiful paradise that we are destroying as quickly as we possibly can. Now THAT is really nauseating.

  15. I had also posted a sarcastic comment on CP, not to defend "No Pressure" but to denounce the stupidity of the director of "The Age of Stupid": I repost it here, because it is a basic issue of freedom of speech at stake, so I hope you do not snip it like JR ingloriously did!

  16. Well done. We have a powerful right to defend our civilisation and planet against the greed, stupidity and laziness of the irresponsible.

    "No Pressure" is a brilliant piece of agitprop that cuts through piles of sanctimonious bs that BOTH sides have their heads buried in. The message is simple and dark...failure to act will kill people.

    The blunt truth is this. The carbon companies have made us delay a decade longer than we should have. The chance to act in a measured fashion has been stolen from us. The only effective methods now remaining to us will be drastic and authoritarian.

    Along the lines..."the house is burning down, get out NOW!!!". We are at the point now where reasoned persuasion has demonstrably failed; coercion or mass death are the only choices left on the table.

    If that makes us 'eco-fascist' ... then so be it.

  17. Bunch of deaths expected:

  18. Here is a wonderful take on the controversy:


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