Friday, February 26, 2010


Exciting times! Chunks of Antarctica continue to break loose, and this could actually alter ocean currents and affect the level of oxygen in the deep seas. (Turn down the volume for the animated version.)

And what else? Coffeepartyusa is launched! This could be historic - click here for my forum topic on climate change, and please, add to the discussion. If we are going to be lucky enough to finally have a truly progressive movement to dump the legislators that are owned by corporate lobbyists, I hope that climate change will be the number one issue...which is an excellent reason to pass healthcare reform already!

Recommended reading: Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate Change by Clive Hamilton, seen at Apocadocs, which has a useful compendium about species loss in this, 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity. Hah!

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