Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jimmy Carter

I have never understood the vitriol that was heaped upon him, from the time when I voted in my first election, for him, to now.

It seems the times are catching up to his vision, with a book out on his famous mislabeled "malaise" speech, and articles and posts galore.

He always seemed to me smart, decent, sincere, dedicated, and even visionary.

Compare that to...lying, torturing, deceiving, philandering, moronic, illiterate, bigoted....anyway.

Was it somehow Carter's fault that stupid, fat, selfish, greedy Americans didn't want to hear about conserving, planning, sacrificing, and hard work? For their children and grandchildren?

Another Analogy!

Three charming daughters often claimed they couldn't possibly be expected to wash the dishes because they objected to the way in which I asked/demanded they do them.

To which I would reply, it has nothing to do with how I ask you, and everything to do with you JUST DON'T WANT TO DO THE DISHES.

Similarly, although considerably more serious, Americans made it abundantly clear they favored greed, borrowing, consuming, and short-term immediate pleasure when they voted in brain-dead droves for Ronald Reagan, a senile idiot who promised them "mourning in America", because contrary to what these apologists now claim, that Jimmy Carter didn't ask them nicely enough, or "inspire" them enough, or compel them with enough "leadership" whatever the fuck that means...actually, they JUST DIDN'T WANT TO DO THE DISHES.

Oh, but Iran Contra hostages! Hennnnhhh...

Here are a few of my favorite comments to a post about Jimmy Carter on Daily Kos:

"I would like to see Carter rehabilitated (10+ / 0-)
Partly because he's still standing strong, and partly because he earned a lot more respect as President, than he's currently given. He was sensitive, thoughtful, and compassionate, all traits that made him easy targets for post-pubescent bullies who never quite left the schoolyard.

Carter was one of the great ones (15+ / 0-)
Until the conservatives launched the War on Reason.

It is my hope that the last 30 years will be seen by history as a modern Dark Age.

Great diary, thanks for bringing Jimmy Carter to my attention. After reading the short extract of the speech yesterday it was interesting to note that many of the things Carter was discussing 30 years ago have even more relevance to today. Its a pity that Americas greatest leaders can be torn down so easily by an unfriendly press.

I would like to see McGovern (4+ / 0-) rehabilitated. Because he is a hero and would have been a far better President than that vile criminal scum who ended the lives of tens of thousands of Americans and millions of Asians.

Our current healthcare system is simple. Don't get sick.

"In June or July of 1981, on the bleakest day of my professional life, they descended on the Solar Energy Research Institute, fired about half of our staff and all of our contractors, including two people who went on to win Nobel prizes in other fields, and reduced our $130 million budget by $100 million," recalls Denis Hayes, the founder of Earth Day, who had been hired by Carter to spearhead the solar initiative.

Reagan and Congress stopped aggressively pushing new auto efficiency standards, acceding to Detroit's desire to leave them at Carter-era levels. They let the solar tax benefit expire, and the nascent solar industry went belly- up."

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