Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Blatant, Rank Injustice After Another, in America

Embedded below is video of Rep. Bobby Rush, who was just thrown off the House floor for speaking while wearing a hoodie.  Personally, I am perplexed by the rush to portray Trayvon as a thug.  Let's suppose for a minute (although I don't believe it) that Trayvon DID punch Zimmerman on the nose and bang his head on the ground.  Well, if Zimmerman is justified in SHOOTING when he feels threatened, surely Trayvon is justified in defending himself too?  It is still a situation where a man with a gun shot and killed a kid armed with skittles.  The right wing is screaming that the liberal-biased press is in an indecent rush to convict Zimmerman in the court of public opinion, and then the abominable Michelle Malkin was forced to publish this retraction - of a fake photo of Travyon lifted from a neo-nazi website!

My dad, professor emeritus from Boston University, sent the following comment about the Trayvon Martin murder to the New York Times, which was published online:

"One of the most radical ideas of our framers was the separation of powers. This meant, at a minimum, no person could be the judge of his own case. In the criminal justice system the functions of justice are placed into the hands of different organizations and people. However, the Florida law subverts this separation because it permits a licensed gun owner to become: the arresting officer, the investigating officer, the defense attorney, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, the jailer, and in this case, the executioner."

"Obviously, the check on the abuse of power of which the framers were deeply concerned is eliminated by the Florida law. In effect, that law as written asserts that there is no abuse of power if an armed citizen acts under what he believes is a threat requiring a resort to force. Thus we have citizens who have no training in recognizing threats much less defusing them, who have been empowered by a legislature to hold the power of life or death in their hands. The Supreme Court needs to rexamine the 2d amendment cases and strike a balance that protects those citizens who are threatened by legal gun owners, whose capacity to act reasonably is subject only to their will power and emotions which may or may not be under control."

Tim DeChristoper is being persecuted by an anonymous politician, while incarcerated for a non-crime.  PLEASE, read up on the circumstances of his confinement and make a phone call or two to support him.

And if you have a little time, watch the amazing story of Charlie Grapski.  He is currently under house arrest, after a bitter history of opposing corrupt cronyism in backwater Florida by trying to, for example, find out why a small municipality had written a check for over $1.2 million from taxpayer itself.


  1. Just wait till the latest news gets viral... Zimmerman has deep judicial connections in the state of Florida and THAT is why he has not been arrested or charged. He's one of the elite and has three arrests due to violence and abuse closed by his judge daddy and court clerk mommy.

  2. Well, if true, that will certainly stir the pot! And it would explain the conflicting stories between the police and the prosecutor who ruled out arrest and investigation. Florida seems to be a snake-pit of corruption...worse even than the rest of the country!

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